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History of Kalam Foundation

The trust shall be names as KALAM FOUNDATION (herein after referred to as THE TRUST). The trustees may if they so desire change the name of the Trust in future.


The Registered Office of the Trust shall be situated in Thanjavur or at such other places as the Trustees may from time to time determine. Presently, the registered office of the Trust shall be situated at No.2895-D, Susi Garden, Reddypalayam road, Ramanathapuram, Thanjavur – 613004.


That the objectives of the Trust shall be wholly for the educational & charitable purposes and incomes shall be applied for the same and accumulated in India wholly for educational & charitable purposes without prejudice to generality of provisions aforesaid and the following shall be deemed to be the principal objectives of the trust.


To provide free education to poor students.


To Provide clothes, books, notebooks and other aid for poor children.


To provide scholarships, stipend and render financial support to the /downtrodden students/ Orphans for their education.


To provide better education to needy students.


To Collect, manage and disburse the funds raised or to be raised for all or any of the objects of the Trust.


Imparting, promoting and undertaking the study of research in sciences, technologies and industries in all their branches


Establishing, maintaining, carrying on and assisting schools, colleges, universities, research institutions, libraries, auditoriums, orphanages, workshops, laboratories, or any other educational and social welfare activities and training institutions and charitable works and institutions of like nature.


Printing, publishing and selling or distributing gratuitously or otherwise, journals, periodicals, books or leaflets that the trust may think desirable for the promotions of its objectives including the areas of publications on religion, philosophy, and spiritual culture.


The activities spreads in the area of basic education, medical service, rural and tribal areas.


To undertake, organize, conduct and facilitate, courses, conference, lecture, research and education on various aspects and of science, technology and other fields.


To organize vocational training for needy people.


To arrange / establish and maintain centers of adult education, vocational education technical training, low cost education, formal & non-formal education.


To provide help for physically challenged people.


To work for Environmental Protection, Forestation, Plantation, Waste Land Management.


To organize awareness programmes and camps for planting trees, rainwater harvesting and rainwater management.


To organize awareness camps, health camps, workshops, campaign and exhibition.


To take-up, initiate or assist social development activities or welfare programmes for bringing positive change in the lives of the common people.


To accept and to give donations, endowments, gifts, devices, request grant in aid receive or to give money or otherwise and subscriptions for all or any of the purposes of the trust from any person, on such terms and conditions as the trust may consider reasonable and fit.


To acquire & take over and or to transfer & sell all or any part of the immovable or movable properties of an society, Trust or Institution or any one whomsoever for the purposes of the Trust.


To take over or hand over, amalgamate any Society or Trust or Institution having similar object or objects.


To affiliate, control and render assistance to any Institutions having objects similar in whole or in part to the objects of the Trust and to Co-operate with Institutions having similar objects.


And generally to do and cause to be done all such lawful things as may be required for all or any of the above object from time to time.



To be a World Class Institute , the First Choice For Every Institutions and students

We will become one  of the leading institutes  in our country , by setting standards of excellence in teaching  and  innovative implementation.


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