Mr. R. Ashok Kumar, M.A.(Eng), PGDCA.

Founder & Creative Head

R. Ashok  Kumar is the founder and head of  “ Kalam Foundation “ Ashok is a graduate  with M.A  in English  Literature From  Bishop  Hebu college . he had also  done his M.A( Linguistics ) , M.SC.

( Psycology)  and PGDCA  in various   institutions. Right from  his  Childhood  he dreamt  of giving education  to poor  Children who are denied  of  proper  education  due to financial issues .  He himself  had suffered  from  this situation and overcame  it by  working  hard  part – time while  studying . in januvary 31,2018 he started  “ Kalam foundation  “ with his  ultimate motive  of helping poor  and Providing education  to the  needed  children . now   the  institute  consists   of  76  students  and Ashok  had  taken over  the educational  amount  for poor children  from  different  areas  fry  collecting  funds  the institution  has fulfilled  every  norms of the government  and  it is  certified  try  the government .

Ashok  is  tirelessly  working for  the promotion  of education  among   students  and  is  contributing  much for  their  sake  apart from this .  he works as  an  English  language  trainer  in several   academics  and  coaches  people  for their  professional  carrier .in 2018 , he was nominated   for   “SIGARAM  AWARDS “  And won  “ Young achiever award  “  his foundation was  awarded  as the  “ Best foundation “  Now,  Ashok   is Pursuing  his M.Phil  in  PRIST UNIVERSITY  and preparing  for his Ph.d  he had developed  this  institute  with  this magnanimous  dream  and  continuing it with his Passion.